WMUL: Hey There, Troubled Teenagers 8/26/2016.

Triumphantly, I returned to the WMUL airwaves the morning of Friday, August 26th. I did something I had not done semesters prior to this, which is give my show a name. Taken from a thing William Matheny said when I was recording him in the studio, HEY THERE, TROUBLED TEENAGERS is what goes down every Friday from 6am-9am. Every Friday, I'll wake up early, get to the studio, and play my favorite songs for everyone with the occasional guest and studio session dropping by. 

You can listen on your desktop or mobile device at Mixcloud. 

Here's the playlist:

  1. “The Axis” - Thee Oh Sees  (missing from the upload)  
  2. “I Warned You” - The Warlocks (missing from the upload)                       
  3. “Medusa's Outhouse” - Cass Mccombs   (missing from the upload)
  4. “My Grandfather Knew Stoney Cooper” - William Matheny        
  5. “One Horse Town” - Tim Browning & The Widowmakers                              
  6. “I Don't Mind” - The Horse Traders                         
  7. “All The Sad Parts” - J Marinelli  
  8. “Sex & Drugs” - A Giant Dog                       
  9. “Somebody to Anybody” - Margaret Glaspy       
  10. “The Falls” - Whitney                    
  11. “Postdoc Blues” - John K Samson                             
  12. “Goodbye, Oh Goodbye” - AJJ                  
  13. “If I Ever Was a Child” - Wilco   
  14. “The Hustle” - Lambchop           
  15. “The Sun” - Kim Jung Mi / Shin Joong Hyun
  16. “Sister” - Angel Olsen                    
  17. “Tiny” - Dinosaur Jr.                       
  18. “I'm In Love” - Teenage Fanclub               
  19. “Kid on a Ladder” - Guided by Voices                     
  20. “The End of Things” - Bob Mould                             
  21. “If I Had the World to Give” - Bonnie Prince Billy        
  22. “I Just Wasn't Made for These Times” - Shannon & The Clams                    
  23. “Riverside Cemetery” - Health&Beauty                
  24. “I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker” - T Rextasy                
  25. “Common Emergencies”  - The Paranoid Style   
  26. “If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, Then I Will” - PUP               
  27. “Droner” - Rozwell Kid                  
  28. “California” - Bishops        
  29. “Hide Your Horns” - Noise                           
  30. “Bring My Day” - Qiet                    
  31. “World at War” - Ona                    
  32. “Between Two Oaks” - Tim Lancaster    
  33. “Parking Lots” - John R. Miller    
  34. “Good Time All Of The Time” - Of The Dell           
  35. “I Can Last” - Deadbeats & Barkers   
  36. “Doors He Could Open” – Jeff Ellis (recorded live in the WMUL studio)           
  37. “Fairplain” - Jeremy Daniel Roberts (recorded live in the WMUL studio)  “Rocks & Relics” - Tyler Childers (recorded live in the WMUL studio)