This page consists of every interview and in-studio session recorded during my time at WMUL-FM at Marshall University which lasted from January 2014 to May 2017.  Everything ranging from engineering of the music, to interview research and conducting was done by me. In some cases it was recorded and broadcasted live but in most cases they were pre-recorded and aired a few days later.


Author Scott McClanahan joins Nathan to talk THE INCANTATIONS OF DANIEL JOHNSTON. They talk about the WV musician Daniel Johnston, the flooding in southern WV this past June, and murder podcasts.

John R. Miller also joined Nathan in studio to talk his current projects, Governor Justice's budget proposal that includes Mountain Stage funding cuts, and more.

Senora May joined Nathan in the WMUL studios recently to talk her upcoming album, her literary way of songwriting, and more. She also shares some of her original songs.

Singer-songwriter Reverend Justin Hylton joins Nathan Thomas in the WMUL studio to share song and talk his latest self-released album 'Stubborn Nail.'

Jeff Ellis visits Nathan Thomas in the WMUL to chat about his upcoming album, the sense of place in his songs, and highlights from his musical journey.

Christopher Vincent of Qiet joins Nathan in studio for an interview, and to share a couple of songs. Christopher talks of the bands most recent album Kiss of the Universe, and his time on the air at WMUL.

Tyler Childers joins Nathan Thomas in the WMUL studios on 4/9/2016 for a chat regarding Tyler’s year so far, his plans for the rest of it, and his appearance on NPR’s Mountain Stage. Tyler performs “Lady Mae,” “Country Squire,” and “Rocks & Relics.” 

Interview and performance with Tucker Riggleman of the band Bishops, 3/5/2016. See here for more information.

Interview and performance with Jeremy Daniel Roberts, 2/26/2016. See here for more information.

Live interview and in studio performance with Tim Lancaster, 2/22/2016. See here for more information.

Phone interview with Julien Baker on her debut album "Sprained Ankle." Recorded January 29, 2016. Aired on 88.1 WMUL-FM on February 2, 2016. Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Intro for my Spring 2015 radio show on WMUL, using clips from Rozwell Kid, J. Marinelli, Goodwolf, Tom Scharpling and William Matheny. Music is "Eight, Not Four (Crab Sandwich)," by William Matheny.

A recap of the 2015 Huntington Music and Arts Festival, at Ritter Park in Huntington, West Virginia. Segment includes music clips and interviews with Rozwell Kid, J. Marinelli, Goodwolf and Bishops. Interviews recorded on September 26, 2015. 

A live interview and in-studio performance from William Matheny fromSeptember 24, 2015.  Matheny performs the songs, "Out for Revenge," and "Blood Moon Singer," joined on guitar by Bud Carroll. I interviewed, as well as live-mixed the music in this segment. 

Interview with Patrick Stanley and Jeremy "Wood" Roberts of
The Horse Traders regarding the release of their two song cassingle "Take It" in August of 2015. 

Two separate interviews packaged together, both on the subject of Huntington's music community. First is with Dan Mistich, co-curator of Twin Cousins Records. Second is with Huntington music scene mainstay Bud Carroll. Early Spring semester 2015.

Live phone interview with Tom Scharpling, host of The Best Show, from December 2, 2014. The interview is bookended by recorded intro/outros with the portion that was done live in-between. Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Interview with Kyle Baughman of Coyotes in Boxes on the release of their EP Yowler. October 2014. Photograph courtesy of the artist.